What does Chav stand for?

This morning’s Daily Telegraph carries a story on the front page about Chavs. They reckon the word chav stands for Cheltenham Average. I was reliably informed that chav stood for Council House And Violent? The Mayor of Cheltenham and the Principal of Cheltenham College didn’t seem too happy when interviewed for the story in the Telegraph. V funny.


44 responses to “What does Chav stand for?

  1. he he, chavs are git and sexy 😉
    x x x

  2. chav stands for ‘made up hype in the media to fill up space, which a gullible public starts to believe is real because the topic is forced on them from every angle.’

  3. i heard that CHAV stands for “council house average vermin” but im not sure *shrugs*
    theres loads of stuff about “chavs” on http://www.chavscum.co.uk/

  4. I live on a council estate and im not a chav im a goth for f\\k sake so suck on that u dripping in gold chav pieces of burrberry crap!

  5. i am not a chav no matter wat christian says!

  6. coucil house adult vermin = chav

  7. CHeap And Vulgar seems to fit IMHO

  8. Oh dear. Quitte Children!

  9. fuck chavs!!!!!…..innit.

  10. We used to use the word Chav at school to describe anyone who copied someone. This was in the 80s and I went to school in Kent.

    You might chav someones homework. Or you could be a chav if you started dressing the same way as one of your friends.

    So I reckon Chavs are called Chavs based on the fact that they all dress the same and act the same. They are chaving each other.

    There you go, now you know.

  11. Cant Handle A Vodka

  12. Lil' chavette

    it stands for COUNCIL HOUSE AND VIOLENCE init standard init breh

  13. i fink these r all rite !!!!

  14. It stands for council house and voilent or means you are a lemming and copy every one else . . . DUH! lol only jokin peops love ur neighbours, yeah right bubi xx

  15. Hey guys i doing an essay on chavs i got some wicked ideas from you and i personally think chavs r dicks love ya xx

  16. Vikki and Becca!

    chavs are mazin, u iz all jealoucs coz were fit

  17. Im a chav and i think that all you goths r scum

  18. I am a Goth, u Chav scum, u go on ur crappy little judgement before speak ideas, and u then get killed by a tram

  19. C.H.A.V stands for Council House And Violent, personally I just call them fuckwits but anyhows they should all be killed…very painfully too might I add.

  20. amos the no1 goth

    i lived on a council estate in kent all my life and i aint a chav ive been a goth since i was 5 and their were punks living all around me too so not everyone are chavs on council estates

  21. amos the no1 goth

    well done marcus chavs are scum of the universe

  22. i hate chavs townies rudeboys kappa slappers neds charvers and everthing that means chavs i love goths and punks they are not fraid to be different unlike chavs i hate it whens chavs say ur goth cos it isnt an insult but calling someone a chav is an insult or ment to be anyway signed amos the no 1 goth

  23. hey everyone go on to http://www.chavtowns.com

  24. hey im mimi i am not a goth or a chav i have my personal views on theese standard groups people are put into but i just have my own style unlike goths that look like there goin to a funural everyday but then sum tymz chavs can be realy violent and scummy but then again my best m8 is a ‘chavy’ person but she isnt violent or live on a council estate but there are chav estates wich have ‘chavs’everyware but thats just that place so saying that council house and violance is silly cus they dont all live in council houses and there not all violent so sum people should find a difrent word thing maybe 1 dats acurate !!!! lots a love mimi XxX

  25. LOOK U GOTHIC WEIRDO ‘AMOSTTHENO1GOTH’ IM NOT A CHAV AND I AINT A GOTH I AINT A GOODY 2 SHOES BUT I FUCKIN HAV MY OWN STYLE IM DIFRENT AND DID U SAY GOTHS AINT FRAID TO BE DIFFRENT YH WELL U ALL WALK AROUND WARIN BLACK AND WHITE THATS REAL DIFFRENT !!! WELL Y DONT U JUS WALK INTO A FUNURAL U WONT BE SO DIFFRENT THEN ! SO GET A LIFE !!!!!!!! U MOTHA FUCKIN DEAD CUNT and mimi wat u said was probs the best thing here cus it discribes it from both sides yh its gd to have your own style !!! but if u chose to ware black and white then do that and dnt chavs get there own choice of wat they wannna ware ? so y dont u jus stop judgin people alrite ? xxxbryonyxxx

  26. Hi, i jus wanna say that i think chavs r kl, as i am one myself. Being one is quite a recent thing for me. hehe. Also, i dnt think that they r scum. I think they r kl. I woud rather b a chav than a goth, coz they r so borin and dull all the time.

  27. Yer, and that i have frends who r all different, few r sk8ers, couple r goths, but most chavs. they r all wicked frends, the best, proud 2 be different and not boastin about it. I hate ppl who decide they wanna b like lets say a goth(dnt take it personal) then brag and call chavs scum.
    Chavs call goths scum. I jus want it to stop coz wts the use? Goths can wlk round and look and wear things that r black, and look dead all the time, thats them.
    Chavs can jus b happy, wit their bling and burbery! lol.

  28. hmm i always thought CHAV originally stood for Council House Aggressive Vermin? anyway it can also denote any young person who follows fashion trends too i guess.

  29. norf weezy chick

    hi..ay lisen.. hu eva sed “u iz all jealoucs coz were fit”.. is a lil stoopid, provin’ the average chavs mentality a.k.a dumb…hu r u begin about “u iz” ali g wana b like… u dont no how much people boi u off shame.. anyways i cud b all articulate 2 prove ma point but i dnt need 2..dis is d only language they undastand anyway..cal me wot u wnt but its d truth…i respect otha trends an ting, but chavs dnt av the brains, an evn if ther ar a few brite sparks wich is very unlikely they dnt show it by actin dumb so hey hu aspires 2 b a waste…

  30. Oi oi! look dere ain’t nout rong with chavs!! i’m chav but i go to a private boarding sch, but personally i don’t giv a f**k wot pple fink. all ma m8s r proper posh but i still hang with ’em!! so don’t go slaggin us off! we ain’t done nout rong! yeh..safe xxx

  31. Council Housed and Veritable

    I live in a council house, on an average council estate and can honestly say I am NOT a chav, not a goth or any other media-enhanced “subculture”. I work, I have a decent car and my neighbours are far from “chavvy” or abusive, pikey, or any other useless or supposed prominence. I choose not to buy my house through preference, not because some poxy BBC program or ignorant psuedo-middle-class fart with debts up to his/her neck tells me if I don’t stump up the extortionate amount my house is worth, I can never consider myself to be anything other than a chav. It’s banal.

    Anyone who claims that ALL chavs are council housed are morons, and just as many “charvers/chavs” come from the even more confusing “middle class” backgrounds.

    A chav, in my opionion can come from any background, and it is more to do with their attitude toward others and their behaviour socially, rather than their social status.

  32. Puffy the Chav Slayer!

    CHAV stands for Council House Antisocial Vermin – I once owned a CHAV but had to sell it due to ill health…

  33. Jamin_666_metalhead

    Chavs are scum of the universe!!! they come and egg your house, they start fights for no reason!!
    PRICKS i have to say!!!
    i live aound them… they are complete fuck heads! my house gets egged, stones thon @ the windows, waterbombs!! just because im a metalhead!! they are cunts whom need to be shot!!!

    anyone who hates chavs check out this band and there merch!..



    as SPiT LiKE THiS wud say



  34. Chav, well a chav is someone that is common. The following people are known to epitomize chavness:

    Jordan aka Katie Price
    Coleen (Wayne Rooney’s girlfriend)
    Peter Andre

    The following foodstuffs are commonly thought of as chav:

    Pot Noodle

    The following clothing items are generaly worn by chavs, according to popular oppinion:

    Burberry Caps (FAKER THE BETTER)
    Lacoste Tracksuits
    Black Trainers
    Valour Tracksuits
    Gold necklaces (fatter the better)
    Gold earings (fatter the better)

    However there are none chav people who wear these clothes how ever chavs wear them extensively past what would be deemed as wearable (EG ANY SIGNS OF AGEING OR TEARS)
    and wear them all the time.

    So chavs can be from a council estate, from a middle clas background. What defines a chav is their attitude to others, society.

    Their actions are what defines them and their culture.

  35. It’s a derivation of ‘Chatham’.

    Chatham, in Kent, is where it all started.

  36. da person hu sez chavs r fit iz rite we r unlike grebz hu iz all sweaty an dress in blak datz juz gay an i aint no ali g cuz i iz tlkin like diz i alwayz tlk like diz so dnt diz me bitch chavz rule grebz suk ur own cox u sad basherz luv u chavz luvin me massive hunni xx p.s. i aint no dum fuk

  37. chavs are chavs sum people hate them some people dont some people say it stands for cheltingham average some say copy cats some say cheeky halfhearted arrogant vendicting scumbags some wankers(wat the fuk)any way i think they r like other fashions like goths and skaters

  38. Well I believe chavs to stand for currently have a vendetta. Just because from personal experience they seem to always be angry at something. When I was younger chavs were all the same to me, Girls with big earrings babies and tracksuits and those bloody ugly gold chains with moving dolphins/clowns . Boys with trainers that look as though they have never been worn, a jaunty baseball cap and a shirt of no fixed agenda, always with the same smell of linx or Burberry aftershave. In just the same way “greebos” were the predecessors to emos and Goths were miserable smeggers, who loved pain and worshiped Satan. (I know this for a fact I classed myself as true Goth all the way) Now im older I still dress in the black and paint my eyes out to look like skeletal features, quite frankly I gave up caring a long time ago. But the chav culture is still there, I have some great friends who are chavs and I’m not afraid to admit it. But the majority still are what you would all call “haters, .So until they realise that the world is made up of different people and they are not a Burberry clad form of the Borg. Chavs will be picked on for there seemingly ridiculous actions. Yes they will still drink cheep cider, and hurl abuse. Only willing to back anything up when the pack they are in greatly outnumber the people they are attacking,, they will still find parks and outside shops of a night greatly appealing, even when a pub is open across the road, they still would like to inflict there music upon the world. However I don’t believe that they have worked the bass of a car stereo has a control as well, they will still claim they are intelligent thinking people but answer everything in “text slang” claming “but I tlk lke dis so fuk u” and they still will wear those god awful movable pendants.
    In closing If I have one thing I would say to chavs above anything, Not all gold looks good. Try something discreet once in a while.

  39. i personally think chavs shud b removed from the earth nd then hav nething they hav tuched disinfected cuz chavness mite b contageous nd we dont want greebz bcmin chavs do we!!!

  40. CHeltenham AVerage

  41. to be honestly i think the guy who said chav stands for Cant Handle A Vodka is legend because they are drunken p*** heads who think they are hard.. which they arent p.s as the chav would say safe mate

  42. chav actually stands for council house addidas vermin! lol soo true!

  43. C = council
    H = housed
    A = asbo
    v = vandals

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